Product Details

Durable Three Runners Welding Plastic Pallet Beverage Industry Pallet

Place of Origin Shandong
Brand Name LOYAL
Certification ISO,CE
Min.Order Quantity US $ 15-20 / Piece
Price Negotiable
Payment Terms L/C,D/A

Product Features

Type Description Size Weight Electric Forklift Hand Forklift Material Load Capacity(T) Steel Pipe
mm kg Dynamic Load Static Load Rack
LD-1008-WJ grid, single face, 9 legs 1000*800*140 6.5 4-way 4-way HDPE/PP 1 4 × No
LD-1208-DJ grid, single face, 9 legs 1200*800*140 5.8 4-way 4-way HDPE/PP 0.5 2 × No
LD-1210-DJ grid, single face, 9 legs 1200*1000*140 6.8 4-way 4-way HDPE/PP 0.5 2 × No
LD-1111-DJ grid, single face, 9 legs 1100*1100*140 6.8 4-way 4-way HDPE/PP 0.5 2 × No
LD-1210-D18 grid, single face, 18 legs 1200*1000*140 9 4-way 4-way HDPE/PP 0.7 3 × No






1. No static sparks, no combustion, help to prevent the warehouse fire.
2. Long service life, 2-3 times that of wooden pallet, even 4-5 times of wooden pallet life when used carefully.
3. Certain chemicals added to the materials to improve the features of the pallet for different application.
4. Tasteless and non-toxic, having no pollution on goods such as food, helping to improve warehouse environment.
5. Easy to print such as client’s logo for recognizing or advertising.


1. Beam height is a bit low , and the operating height can reach to 8 meters.

2. Medium inventory flow, providing 50% optionality.

3. Applicable to warehouses with low pick-up rate, the ground utilization rate can reach to 42%.

4. Increase the inventory compare with ordinary beam-type shelves.

5. The forklift channel needs to be around 3.3 meters.

6. Advanced access mode, it is difficult to achieve first-in, first-out.

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